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CT & Ultrasound

Diagnostic imaging referrals

Diagnostic imaging referrals are seen by our resident imager Michelle Zoja.

We offer outpatient CT and ultrasound referrals.

CT is like a sophisticated form of x-ray and is the preferred diagnostic test for many veterinary conditions particularly in larger patients.

Michelle is happy to accept CT referrals for conditions including abdominal disease, screening for metastasis, orthopaedic problems (bones and joints), as well as dental conditions. Patients requiring respiratory investigations should be seen via our cardio-respiratory service so they can be assessed by our cardio-respiratory specialist, Gavin McAulay.

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Conditions where CT can be particularly useful include:


  • Assessment of abdominal disease
  • Pre-surgical evaluation of fracture patients
  • Pre-surgical evaluation of soft tissue patients
  • Investigation of orthopaedic conditions: elbows, shoulders, stifles, hips and spine
  • Screening for metastatic disease and staging of oncology (cancer) patients
  • Imaging-guided and ultrasound-guided biopsies of diseased organs
  • Screening for migrating foreign bodies
  • Investigation of respiratory disease
  • Assessment of dental disease

CT offers many advantages over traditional radiography. CT can be particularly useful in assessment of joint disease (specifically elbow and shoulder disease) assessing some spinal conditions (e.g. discospondylitis) and growth deformities. CT is also helpful for investigating advanced dental disease and assessing skull and limb fractures prior to repair.

Patients with neurological symptoms may benefit from assessment with a neurologist and MRI may be the preferred modality for some neurological conditions.

All our CT studies are assessed and reported by Diagnostic Imaging Specialists from VetCT. Each CT report will include a description of all abnormalities and a list of likely differential diagnoses along with suggestions for any further investigation. Results are typically reported in 72 hours at which point they are forward to the referring vet.

Clients should be aware that specific advice may not be given on discharge as the CT and any biopsy samples may not have been fully interpreted at this point.

Refer a Patient

For routine referrals your vet will need to fill in our online referrals form and we we’ll contact you directly to schedule an appointment.


Outpatient CT and ultrasound cases should be systemically well, suitable for sedation or anaesthesia and not require intervention.


We encourage imaging of specific body regions rather than whole body scanning requests. Imaging of multiple regions incurs additional costs.


Please feel free to contact Michelle on 01273 540 430 to discuss referral of specific cases and estimates.

Online Referrals Form

Advice for Owners

Vets through out Sussex can refer their patients to us to take advantage of our expertise and state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services.

If you’re a client of New Priory Vets Brighton or Peacehaven clinics we can organise a CT or ultrasound scan directly via an appointment with any of our vets.

Please be aware that CT scans produce a set of highly detailed images that take up to 3 working days to fully interpret. The results will be sent to your vet as soon as they are available.

If your pet has been referred to us for a CT scan, please see our FAQs to find out more about what to expect when you visit us.