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Brighton Veterinary Referrals

The centre of choice for Sussex vets

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Brighton Veterinary Referrals is the centre of choice for vets in Sussex looking to refer their own patients for more in-depth investigations and care.


We take referral patients for cardio-respiratory disease (heart and breathing problems), advanced imaging (CT and high level ultrasound) and laparoscopy (“keyhole surgery”).


Our central location at New Priory Vets’ Brighton hospital ensures you benefit from gold standard care locally with overnight hospitalisation facilities and constant support from the on-site emergency service.


In addition to our own in-house services, we coordinate further referrals in the areas of dermatology, ophthalmology and feline medicine via trusted visiting consultants.


We strive to make the referral process run as smoothly as possible, liaising closely with both the referring vet and pet owners to deliver a continuous service with ongoing care and support.

Diagnostic Imaging

Our outpatient CT and ultrasound referrals are seen by Michelle Zoja MRCVS.


Michelle has over 20 years of diagnostic imaging experience and is supported by visiting consultant, Andrew Denning BVetMed CertVR DVDI MRCVS who also performs Specialist ultrasound scans.


CT (Computed Tomography) is an advanced imaging technique that offers many benefits over traditional radiography (x-rays). Compared to x-rays, CT scans provide far greater detail in a 3-D image. This allows more accurate assessment and diagnosis of a variety of diseases.

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Cardio-respiratory cases are seen by Gavin McAulay RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology.


Assessment of the heart, lung and nasal area involves specific examination skills alongside specialist equipment including ultrasound, Holter ECG, CT and bronchoscopy.

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Laparoscopy cases referred to Brighton Veterinary Referrals are seen by Vicky Butler-Ball and Nicky Ross.


Laparoscopy is often referred to as ‘keyhole surgery’, ‘endoscopy’ or even ‘videosurgery’ and is a minimally invasive technique.


The benefits of laparoscopy are lower risk, smaller surgery wounds and a faster recovery time.

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